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Beyond Fossil Fuel - Renewable and Clean Alternative Fuel/Energy Information

  • Burning fossil fuels create greenhouse gases that continue to aid in global warming which reek havoc on the planet's climate.
  • The production of the world’s oil fields is most likely on the decline. Learn more: Video
  • The ongoing violence and war in major oil producing countries creates fear that cause disruption in supply and unjustified gas price increases.
  • Radical leaders in oil producing countries have publicly stated their disfavor toward the U.S. and our western ways.
  • China and India’s exploding economies hunger for fossil fuel take action to secure their supplies outside their country.
  • Oil producing countries threaten to switch from trading oil for U.S. dollars to trading oil for the Euro or Gold causing a continued free fall in the value of the dollar. All spelling large increases in the cost of oil and gas for the U.S. Some predict the cost of oil doubling or tripling in just a few years.
  • Some energy experts believe the U.S. is on the verge of an energy crisis, our utility grid runs at near capacity during peak demand barely meeting the needs of consumers and industry.

Current Oil and Gas Prices | What can we do?

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Simple Tip for Everyone:
If every household replaced three 60-watt incandescent light bulbs with Compact Fluorescent bulbs, it would be the equivalent of removing 3.5 million cars from the road.

Simple Tip for Everyone:
Use canvas grocery bags. Plastic bags not only fill up land fills, but they are made from oil. Most grocery stores today give you a 3-5¢ discount for each bag used when you shop.
Current Oil and Gas Prices:
Peak Oil Video

12 Month Avg For Regular Unleaded

What can we do!?!?

We are OK with the idea of our current fuel cost, but what happens when our source for fossil fuel is depleted and the cost doubles or triples within a few months? What will we do?!?! We must start turning away from the dependence on foreign fossil fuel by developing our own energy sources. This is a critical time to start moving away from our addiction to foreign fossil fuel and face up to possible change in our life style if needed. "Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail"! We must look outside the box and get ready for a possible energy crisis. It is not "if" we are going to have an energy crisis, it is "when".

We are dedicated to providing information on optional and alternative energy sources allowing you to be "energy independent" before this coming energy crisis. will be providing information on the benefits using blended bio fuels like biodiesel, as well as providing information on other energy/fuel sources such as hydrogen, solar, wind, natural gas and more. We want to help you find the energy resources we have here in the U.S., so we can become FREE and Independent. We also need to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide produced from burning coal and oil. Global warming is only going to get worse if we do not start the process to reverse it.
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