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Fuelmeister BioDiesel Processor Kit
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Make BioDiesel at Home with the Fuelmeister BioDiesel Processor Kit

Fuelmeister Biodiesel Processor Kit

Start making your own biodiesel fuel for only 70 cents a gallon! 

Tired of paying high diesel prices at the pump, now there is a solution that could sit in the corner of your garage.  What if you could convert common used cooking oil from your local diner or fast food restaurant into high quality diesel fuel? It could be as easy as changing the oil in your truck.  Now it is that easy to make quality biodiesel in your garage for only 70 cents a gallon!

With the FuelMeister II biodiesel processor you don’t have to be a mechanic or plumber to make your own biodiesel that will run in any diesel vehicle or equipment.  The FuelMeister II biodiesel processor is made with high quality materials.  You get a complete system with everything you need to start making biodiesel the same day! 

If you burn 50 gallons of diesel a month at 4.50 a gallon that’s $225 a month! If you buy a Fuelmeister II biodiesel processor and make your own biodiesel for only 70 cents a gallon, your monthly fuel bill would only be $35.00 a month.  That’s a savings of $190.00 a month or $2,280.00 a year!  The fuelmeister pays for itself in no time!  Plus we know the cost of diesel will only continue to rise. Making biodiesel is easy, fast, and safe.

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